Episode 5

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2nd Feb 2022

Your Clients Are The Star: An Omni-Channel Approach To Digital Marketing With Erin Sparks: Episode 5

Living In An Omni-Channel World: Google's MUM & How Interviewing Your Clients Can Be A Game Changer

Learn SEO and omni-channel marketing strategies from SEO guru and podcaster, Erin Sparks!

Erin Sparks and Sherry Bonelli discuss what it means to be a digital marketer in 2022 and beyond. As SEO geeks, we first talk about the ever-changing SEO environment and Google's MUM algorithm. With MUM, Google is using AI to try and better understand search queries, making it easier for people to find the right kind of content (text, videos, images, audio, social media, etc.) With MUM, searcher intent is everything, keywords mean less and "entities" mean much more. (In the future, you'll see fewer blue links in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and more media -- so get ready, businesses!)

We also talk about the many benefits of Erin's client "Interview Method": the valuable subject-matter expertise that comes from interviewing your clients with media/video recording. Not only is it knowledge and information you get directly from your client – it is an incredible intake process for understanding your client’s differentiation in the marketplace. 

With some interview skills, you can extract gold from your clients, and with your marketing skills, you can shore up key aspects that give you strategic insights into how to promote and market your clients. 

These client interviews not only bring you closer to the organizations you are working with from an understanding perspective, but they're also a great relationship builder. (BONUS: This process will also help build trust with your clients -- and can help with client retention!)

You'll also discover how to repurpose and turn these client interview videos into digital assets that you can use to promote your clients online -- AND help with Google rankings!

So if you're looking for the latest on ranking high on Google and want a creative way to learn more about your client and get videos that you can actually use to market your clients, this is a must-listen-to podcast.

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About Erin Sparks

Erin Sparks is the owner and president of Site Strategics, a company he founded in 2004 specializing in high-end Web services for small and mid-sized businesses. His 23-year career in web technology straddles the IT and marketing professions and includes 17 years’ experience in search engine optimization (SEO). Site Strategics has been at the forefront of marketing technology and serves a diverse clientele. Erin has directed his organization toward omnichannel digital marketing tactics, utilizing an agile marketing approach that allows flexibility based on performance feedback, resulting in a positive return on investment.

Erin is also the creative force behind the EDGE of the Web Radio podcast, which interviews thought leaders in marketing and technology. It is broadcast weekly and has had over 450 episodes over the last ten years. The EDGE of the Web podcast is the longest-running and one of the top-ranking SEO podcasts, showcasing top names in the digital marketing industry.


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